Johann ®   Coffee and Beverages was brewed with a mission to make perfectly handcrafted, coffee and beverages within reach of everyone. Our concepts are designed to create a distinct coffee lifestyle and experience in every person or community, specifically for the youthful, dynamic, and independent-minded coffee lovers of the modern world.


JOHANN ®   Coffee and Beverages believes that everyone deserves to indulge in their own beverage masterpiece for comfort, excitement and bliss. Our perfectly good coffee, the variety of our offerings, and cozy interiors, reflect who we are – a simple yet warm coffee haven that is open to people from all walks of life, whatever their story may be. Together, let’s create our own stories – with JOHANN ® at the center stage.



To make handcrafted beverages available to everyone.


To create a community where people speak a common language thru beverages that’s conveniently and always within reach.


JOHANN ®   is strictly committed to the adherence to high standards as symbolized by “P.S.Q.”: Products (P) served to the public must meet the company’s excellence standards or it will not be served at all; the Service (S) must be fast and courteous; and overall Quality (Q), from cleanliness to overall customer experience, must always be maintained. JOHANN ® is proud of its employees who carry out their jobs.

JOHANN ®   recognizes them by providing the highest compensation and benefits packages in the F and B industry, and modern and comprehensive training programs. Managers are regularly updated on the latest store operations systems, people-oriented management skills, among others. Baristas are trained on various store stations and product- service innovations. JOHANN ®   also offers career opportunities for qualified and exceptional team members to further their careers as managers.

Warehouse / Commissary

JKL DEPOT is in-charge of procurement, production, distribution and deliveries of all stores when it comes to products, supplies and other necessary equipment for all JOHANN ®   outlets.